Shortzelda32 & VaultDweller22

Advanced title graphics set [6x title scenes, 2x cambox]

This was both a passion project and an excuse to do something for a friend. I wanted to keep an 80’s aesthetic while also keeping the set clean and sharp.


Building on the principals set in a prior set for the same customer I updated the environment to be more 3D, added a grid plane on the ground and used a mixture of Cinema 4D and a plugin for After Effects called Element 3D to create the mountains found in the back of the shot, completely overhauled the text layer and gave it an overall game-like feel.


One of the big challenges with this set was the fact this set had to be recoloured for the counterpart set, one for ShortZelda and one for VaultDweller. I accomplished this using a base white scheme and matched the colours for each set.