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Discord, Twitch, Server Admin and Developer


Discord & Twitch Moderator


Discord & Twitch Moderator, Server Admin

Smiles Morales

Discord Moderator, Emote Artist

The VoidShade Network

Welcome to the Voidshade Network, where Minecraft adventures await at every turn! Dive into our survival SMP, whether you thrive in group challenges or seek the excitement of solo survival. Let your creativity shine on our expansive creative plots, where every build tells a unique story. Experience the essence of Minecraft with TimeShift, a mode that evolves with each milestone, taking you on a journey through the game’s evolution. And for a special treat, explore our event servers featuring past seasons from Cubscriber SMP and Hermitcraft. Join us today and craft your own Minecraft legacy!


Experience Minecraft’s evolution with TimeShift mode! Journey through the game’s history, starting from humble beginnings and expanding with each milestone. Join us as we uncover new wonders and forge unforgettable memories!

Creative Plots

Unleash your imagination at Creative Plots! Build, design, and create without limits on our expansive plots. Join our community of builders, share your creations, and let every block tell your story!

Survival SMP

Welcome to our Survival SMP at the Voidshade Network! Join forces with friends or go solo to conquer challenges, fend off mobs, and build your legacy. Explore, collaborate, and thrive in the unforgiving world of Minecraft!