Shadowolf's SMP friendly modlist

This page requires a moderate understanding of mods, modloaders and how to install and use mods


Most mods on this list require one of the API’s or libreries on the right of the screen


Allows the Minecraft client to load mods

Fabric API

Lightweight and modular API providing common hooks and intercompatibility

Mod Menu

Allows you to customise mod settings via a GUI simmilar to forge


A much more performant render engine for Minecraft


Sodium addon providing support for the Fabric Rendering API, based on Indigo


A modding library that contains new events, helpers, and utilities to make modder’s lives easier.


A builder-based configuration library for Minecraft.

Cloth Config API

Configuration Library for Minecraft Mods


MaLiLib is a library mod containing shared code for masa’s client-side mods.

Puzzles Lib

Why’s it called Puzzles you ask? That’s the puzzle!


Common library with a built-in configuration system

Creative Core

A core mod


A library all about color! Provides lots of color-related functionality for dependent mods.

Forge Config API Port

Forge’s config systems provided to other modding ecosystems.

Satin API

A Fabric library to help modders with shader usage

Fabric Language Kotlin

Enables usage of the Kotlin programming language for Fabric mods.


Let’s be honest. Minecraft is a little simple in the shading department. This selection of mods aims to improve that. Some options that apply here are in Optifine parity instead.

First-person Model

Enables the third-person Model in first-person

3D Skin Layers

Render the player skin layer in 3d!

Physics Mod

Welcome to a more destructive Minecraft than you’ve ever seen before!


Client-side mod designed to improve Minecraft’s ambience through particles, visual effects and sounds

Blur (Fabric)

Adds a blur effect to all GUI backgrounds – now for Fabric (and Quilt)!


Little visual improvements by adding a bunch of new particles.

Legendary Tooltips

Give your rare items a fancier tooltip! Also adds additional tooltip configuration options.

Eating Animation

A mod that adds sprite animations for edible and drinkable items.

Fresh Animations (Requires ETF AND EMF)

A resourcepack that adds better mob animations to the game using Optifine’s MCPatcher

Advancement Plaques

Replace those boring advancement popups with something flashier.


Forge/Fabric/Quilt mod that adds the ability to walk around while in inventories

[EMF] Entity Model Features for Fresh Animations

EMF is an, OptiFine format, Custom Entity Model replacement mod available for Fabric and Forge.

Better Third Person

Improves third person camera view.

Not Enough Animations

Bringing first-person animations to the third-person

[ETF] Entity Texture Features for Fresh Animations

Emissive, Random & Custom texture support for entities in resourcepacks just like Optifine but for Fabric


Minecraft can seem really lonely and distant. A large part of it is the game lacks ambience. These mods aim to add sound effects to the player, world and enviroment as well as sound physics


UI sounds & more.

Sound Physics Remastered

A Minecraft mod that provides realistic sound attenuation, reverberation, and absorption through blocks.


Adds more biome specific ambient sounds around the world


Let’s be honest, if the framerate’s not bad it’s taking forever to load. These help with that


Makes the game boot faster by deferring non-essential initialization


Memory usage optimizations

Entity Culling

Adds more biome specific ambient sounds around the world

Nvidium (works with 1660+ series Nvidia GPUs only)

Fast Nvidia only rendering engine for Sodium.

Recommended for use with Bobby ~ Shadowolf

Optifine feature parity

Sodium is great but it does miss the features of Optifine. This group of mods are solutions to this

Iris Shaders

A modern shaders mod for Minecraft intended to be compatible with existing OptiFine shader packs


A zoom mod with infinite customizability.


A dynamic lights mod for Fabric.


Take insanely large screenshots because why not


A Fabric mod that allows for efficient connected textures

CIT Resewn

Re-implements MCPatcher’s CIT (custom item textures from optifine resource packs)


Lets you use capes from OptiFine, LabyMod and other cape mods

Quality of Life

We all love Minecraft but it has to be said, there’s things that could be improved. This list of mods can help ease that without loosing that vanilla feel

Item Scroller

A client-side mod that adds several ways of moving items in inventory GUIs using scroll weel and hotkeys. 


Click through signs and item frames into inventories. Using shift will allow you to interact with signs and frames.


Shows player saturation with an outline around the hunger bar


Real-time mapping in game or in a web browser as you explore


A small customizeable F3 menu with additional world overlays such as slime chunks and light level.

Better Statistics Screen

A Minecraft mod that improves the statistics screen and makes it more useful.

Shulker Box Tooltip

View the contents of shulker boxes from your inventory

Cherished Worlds

Favorite/pin/bookmark certain worlds, which will always be at the top of the list and cannot be deleted.

Sodium Extra

A Sodium addon that adds features that shouldn’t be in Sodium.


Pick and download Vanilla Tweaks resource packs directly from your Minecraft client!

Smooth Swapping

Animates items moving in your inventory to easilly see where items go in a configurable smooth animation

Dark Loading Screen

Makes the loading screen darker.

Additional options

Just some additional mods depending on your play style, PC specs and use cases.

FallingTree (Singleplayer or Serverside required)

Break down your trees by only cutting one piece of it


A Minecraft VR mod on a loader of your choice!

Simple Voice Chat (Serverside required)

A working voice chat in Minecraft!


A Minecraft Mod to record, relive and share your experience.

Tweakeroo (Server owners may restrict this mod)

Tweakeroo is a client-side mod, which adds a whole bunch of various different “tweaks” to the game.


An extremely powerful In game world editor/builder


Create, place and share virutal holograms of your builds.

WorldEdit (Singleplayer or Serverside required)

A Minecraft Map Editor… that runs in-game! With selections, schematics, copy and paste, brushes, and scripting. Use it in creative, or use it temporarily in survival.


Allows to connect to older servers with older versions

Bobby (NVidium recommended)

Saves server chunks to disk allowing for a much larger render distance.